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February 06, 2017 2 min read

Some riders like to set it and forget it, some are constantly switching it up given the type of day ahead. Your stance is specific to YOU and it'll improve your riding if it's totally dialed.
  • Goofy or Regular? Right foot forward: goofy. Left foot forward: regular. No idea? That's alright, but the earlier you figure it out, the easier and more natural learning to snowboard will be.

    A trick to figuring out which foot goes forward is to have somebody give you a slight nudge from behind. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and weight distributed evenly. Don't anticipate the push. Just have them do it at random. Notice which foot you stepped forward with. That's typically going to be your front foot.

    If you're all alone then you're going to have to improvise. Throw on a pair of your slickest socks. If you have toe socks, put them on you weirdo! Next, find a slippery surface. Don't think about it, just run and slide sideways. Which foot did you lead with? Now you've likely figured out your stance!

  • Width - The width, or the space between your feet is ultimately determined by what feels good to you. With your board on some carpet in front of you, stand with knees bent, and feet spread a comfortable distance apart. I'm not saying shoulder width, because everybody has a preference. However, a good place to start is a little wider than shoulder distance. Place your bindings on the board in line with your feet. *Take note of how your feet might be angled cause that's coming up!  To find your true width, measure the distance between the centre points of the discs. Or just remember what inserts (holes) you'll be using.

  • Angles - Again, this is personal preference and what works for you and your knees. A general angle to start with is 9-15 degrees in the front and 0 degrees in the back. As your riding progresses or if you still aren't sure if you're goofy or regular, mirror your front and back angles (eg: -12, 12) so that riding switch will feel more natural. I should mention, always duck your angles. No pigeons here! It's all about what feels best for you, and if you aren't feeling it on the mountain, you can always change it up. Most hills have a tool table to do some fine tweaking.

  • Fine Tune - Taking the time to adjust your stance for the day ahead can really improve your riding. If you're headed out on a pow day, consider setting your stance back a few cm's to give you more nose. This will help you maintain float and actually do less work! Your back leg will thank you. 


In the early stages of snowboarding, defining your stance is important, but you're not limited to it. If something isn't feeling right, grab a phillips and change it. Even if it means taking 5 minutes the night before. If all else, it gives you an opportunity to inspect your gear before heading out. If you have any other questions, hit us up on the chat! Or call us at the shop 1-855-491-7433. We are happy to share the knowledge.