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June 28, 2017 1 min read

Very rad to chat with Eric last week at the West Kelowna shop. He's a collector and skateboard historian from New York that has managed to fit the entire evolution of skateboarding in his NY apartment.
Eric was passing through the shop on his way to the  Freeride "Go Skate Day" event at Johnson Bentley and I couldn't help but get into it with him, and find out what he was about. His knowledge of skateboarding is incredible. He began telling me a story about how he acquired a couple Mark Gonzales decks, hand painted for him by The Gonz himself. I was blown away! Check these beauties out:
Hand Painted Mark Gonzales Decks

Eric later told me via DM his thoughts on Johnson Bentley in West Kelowna..

It's awesome to see someone not only hyped on skateboarding, but genuinely gives a s#!t about the knowledge and history behind it too. In his JENKEM interview below he talks about the evolution and progression of different shapes. He sent me a couple photos of a few clear progressional designs right off his wall! Have a look:

Skates skateboards on a wall

This was just a snippet of what this dude eric is about, but if you want more watch his JENKEM interview below.       Mind. Blown. 

Give Eric a  over on instagram @professor_pintossible