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December 11, 2016 5 min read

Corey has been riding for Freeride Boardshop for 7 years. He's constantly pushing his limits and consistently getting us footage. He's recently found a new love of the backcountry and we wanted to find out what's driving his search for pow.


Where do you hail?
I was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario and grew up in Huntsville, Ontario. I'm currently living in Kelowna.

How old are you?
I've been let loose on this planet for 29 years so far!

What's your kit like?
I have a couple 686 jackets, 686 pants and 686 hoodies keeping me looking fresh. I've got 2 setups this year; a 56' Flow Drifter for back-country and free-riding, and a 53' Flow Era, as my do everything jib board. Flow Nx2 bindings on both setups, and my boots are the Flow Helios.

When and where did you start snowboarding?
I started snowboarding in Huntsville in grade 5 when I was attending VK Greer public school. It was pretty cool cause every winter the school would let you choose a winter elective, and you got to go do these winter activities during school hours. I started out ice skating, then skiing. A lot of my buddies were boarding when I was skiing. When I decided to switch over to boarding, I never looked for anything else to do in the winter time again. So Corey Kowalski is susceptible to peer pressure? Haha, whatever you say!


Goofy or regular?

snowboarder corey kowalski

What's your favourite reindeer and why?
OH I don't even know them all! Let's go with Comet because he's pretty much all I can remember and he has a fast sounding name! Like a steaming, fast ball of ice?!Yeah man.

Have you got any sponsors?
Flow Snowboarding hooks me up with boards, bindings, boots and also apparel. I recently got hooked up with 686 through the Doing Business Agency this season. The Business Limited and Freeride Boardshop always have my back.

Who's your favourite rider?
I can't really say that I have a favourite. When you watch any rider of any type, it's very influencing cause everyone has their own style and personality. It's portrayed in their boarding. I couldn't really pick one that's my favourite. There's so many wicked riders and awesome people out there.

You started out as more of an urbanite/park rat, and now we're seeing you more and more in the backcountry... Is Flow pushing you to seek out the pow?
It was a decision I made on my own. I'd say Flow had some influence not that they told me to do it, but with their products. They have a great variety of all mountain, freestyle and backcountry boards and bindings. It's kind of easy to want to explore 
that kind of riding. Even with their team, I follow a lot of their riders on instagram and watching them in the back country is really cool to see. It makes you want to get out there yourself. 

snowboarder corey kowalski


What was your favourite handrail growing up in Huntsville?
There was this one rail off of the highway. It was really, really mellow, no stairs just a random rail that went down a hill. it was cool cause you could learn a bunch of tricks and not get broke off if you fell. No one would ever kick you out. it was kind of one of those really awesome spots to meet your buddies and jib. Is it still your fave? No it’s pretty small to me now.

corey kowalski watching snowboard footage

Torstein, Martha Stewart, Tim Humphreys: Kill, Sleep, Marry. GO.

Oh no! I guess I would kill Torstein because he is already soo good at snowboarding and people need to catch up. Sleep with Martha Stewart and if i'm lucky maybe the next morning I'll score a wicked breakfast. I'd marry Tim Humphreys. Only because if we get married it doesn't mean we have to sleep together. We could just snowboard all day, eat pizza and watch snowboard movies together like awesome roommates!

If you were to push play on your phone, what song would turn on?
Ummmm.. probably California Dreaming by the Mamas and the Papas.

Do you play any instruments?
No. I once played the recorder back in the day.

Concerns/Comments on scooters?
On scooters?! I think with these two wheeled, un-motorized machines that people push around.. it can kind of get hectic out there. Im happy that they're stoked at what they're doing. I'm not gonna tell someone to stop. I'm more of a skateboarder kind of guy tho. I guess I'd say PUSH FAST LIVE HARD.

When I say Trump, what do you think of?
I don't know i'm just kinda .. Just open up the can. For me I think of an instrument like a trumpet. I feel chaos. I feel change. I don't know, he's a business man. He might actually do some good for America. I think there's good in everyone. 

What are your thoughts on snowboard competitions these days?
I used to try compete as much as possible back in the day. Slowly not doing it as much any more. I find if the setup is really creative i'm down to join in on the fun. Especially if it's you and a bunch of buds and you just want to have fun. The whole trying to do a better trick than others, i'm not all about that. It's pretty cool, if you do 
well its a good feeling, but there's a lot more to snowboarding than trying to be better than someone else. 

Where do you see Corey Kowalski in 10 years?
Still just being myself. Probably doing more backcountry. By then i'll be almost 40, I don't think i'll be doing street stuff at that age but who knows. Still pushing fast and living hard then? Yeah. I'm never going to give up riding. I will probably just be out more in the mountains with some really close friends. Hopefully putting down some big powder lines, and enjoying everything thats in front of me as much as possible.

snowboarder Corey Kowalski


What's your favourite trick/line?
I really enjoy doing backside 180s. If it's onto a rail or off a jump, it's a cool feeling going blind into where your body is being directed. Your mind and everything just come together. You feel it out by senses. 

Who's the most influential person in your life/snowboard career?
I'm influenced by everyone I meet. I couldn't say that there's someone that has had the most impact on my because I feel everyone you meet along the journey has their own goals and accomplishments. It's amazing learning about everyone you meet. It's really influential. Learning is a really good part of life. You cant really mimic that feeling in any other way. 

What's your social media handle in case anyone wants to get in touch?
My instagram is @coreydavidkowalski and it's the same on Facebook. If any one wants to reach out with questions or wants to meet up to go riding, give me a shout.

Any last shoutouts?
I'd like to give a shout out to the Put It In the Bowl Crew. It's been really wicked and inspiring riding with those guys lately. The Business Limited Crew - always great times working on videos with them. Freeride Boardshop team and staff members. 
Ricky Styles and Flow Snowboarding. My family, my friends and my wife-to-be next October, Cassandra Cass. 686, Doing Business Agency, Jordan Hall, Dustin Adams, Shoutout to everyone. Be stoked on life, and enjoy it to the fullest!


Corey and his crew started the season off right at Biggie for Opening Weekend. 

HELLUVALYFE: Big White Opening Weekend from The Business Ltd. on Vimeo.


 *Shoutout to Josh for the interview!

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