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September 23, 2021 3 min read

There is a common myth that your board should stand as tall as your chin and not go above the height of your nose. Although the right size board might do this, it's important to consider some other factors.  

  • Do: make sure to figure out your proper board size based on your weight, foot size, riding style and terrain you'll be crushing it on.
  • Don't: size it up like a hockey stick & try to find a board that measures up to the space somewhere between your chin and nose.


A board can't tell you how tall you are. What makes a board perform is determined by your weight. Below is a general guideline to give you an idea of what size board you should be on. However, with all of the different shapes (camber/reverse camber/blended) and tech that goes into the making of a board, each one comes with its own suggested weight range. In the end it is totally up to you. You may prefer to ride a board that is slightly larger than suggested, and it will feel stiffer. In turn, a smaller board will feel softer. 


Rider Weight Up to 70lb (32kg) 80lb (36kg) 90lb (41kg) 100lb (45kg) 110lb (50kg) 120lb (54kg) 130lb (59kg) 140lb (64kg) 150lb (68kg) 160lb (73kg) 170lb (77kg) 180lb (82kg) 190lb (86kg) 200lb (91kg) 210lb (95kg) 220lb (100kg)
Freeride Up to 134cm 137cm 140cm 143cm 146cm 149cm 152cm 155cm 158cm 161cm 162cm 163cm 164cm 165cm 166cm 167cm
Freestyle Up to 129cm 132cm 135cm 138cm 141cm 144cm 147cm 150cm 153cm 156cm 157cm 158cm 159cm 160cm 161cm 162cm

 *Always check the board's specific weight range

Foot Size 

Edge-to-edge control is related to boot and binding size. You may have noticed some boards are offered in a Wide sizing. This means the board has a larger waist width to accommodate riders with big feet. It varies between companies, but generally a size 10.5(ish) boot and above should be riding a wide board. If your board's waist width is too narrow, you could have toe/heel drag while turning, resulting in loss of control and washing out.If your board is too wide, it will be harder to transition from edge to edge. This is also why female riders benefit from riding women specific snowboards instead of their boyfriend's old ride. 

Riding Style/Ability

If you have been riding for a while and park laps are life, consider downsizing a few cm's. The smaller the board, the more maneuverable it will be in the air and on rails. For those looking to add a board to their quiver such as a pow setup, consider a longer board with more surface area for added float. Lastly, if you're in the market for your first board, going slightly smaller on shapes like reverse camber is great for learning. Keep progression in mind. You won't be stuck on the bunny hill forever! Eventually you'll decide what areas of the hill you like most.


Making the decision

Choosing a board size comes down to your own personal preference. If it gets you on the hill riding, that's all that matters. Keep in mind, a few cm's isn't going to make a huge difference. So when your dream board size is a 158, but it only comes in a 159, a half a cm on the nose and tail isn't the end of the world! 


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