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September 23, 2019 2 min read

Everyone knows opening day can be hectic so we've created a list to get you set!


 A Few Days Before
  • Make sure you haven't forgotten about any broken parts that you fixed with a zap strap last season. Surely that won't hold a year later!
  • Remember to scrape off any storage wax and apply a fresh coat that is specific to the early season conditions. 
  • If possible, try to grab your pass in advance to save you from those long ticket office lines. Some mountains offer early pass pick-up at local shops or events in the area. This means you can head straight to the lift when you arrive. Maybe even snag first chair?
  • How's your whip running these days? When was the last time you checked the oil? Have you got snow tires on? Okay Mom. For real though, nothing can ruin a sweet day more than car troubles. 

 The Night Before
  • Get your gear in the ready position the night before.  It's one less thing to worry about when the alarm goes off.  It also means more time to grab a coffee on the way up. 
  • Fine tune your playlist for the awesome winter season you're about to have, and don't forget headphones for blocking out the haters. 
  • Gas up. 
  • Snacks.  Always pack snacks. 


 Gear Update


  • The start of the year is a good time to reconsider new boots. Switching mid-season after you've gotten accustomed to old, soft boots is a difficult transition. If you're having any confusion committing to a new pair, check out our blog post about picking out new boots here!
  • Nothing is better than riding in brand new snowboard socks...and yes, they are different from your everyday socks. Treat yourself. We've got a great selection from cozy to technical that will keep your toesies toasty. 



Most importantly, take it easy!  It's likely your first day back and your legs will tell you all about it over the next few days. Give them only good stories to tell.

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