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KARAKORAM Nomad Women's Splitboard Bindings 2021


Whether looking to wander or have a set peak to climb, the Nomad-W has you covered. Our workhorse binding based on the principles of our original SL, the Nomad-W has our X-Type Chassis, Reactive Highback and new AirPod strap. Light and bomb proof the Nomad-W will take you anywhere.

Included: Bindings, Interface Kit (Ride Mode 2.0, Tour Mode, DualSpeed Riser w/ Heel-Lock)



Binding Technology

Dual Ride Slide

  • Quick 1/4 turn from ride mode to walk mode
  • Ride Mode: 0 ° to 22 °, in 2 ° increments
  • Surf Mode: 0 ° or 11 °
  • Walk Mode: -8 ° allows for longer stride

Reactive Highback

  • Medium-Stiff Flex (8 of 10)
  • Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean adjustment for Splitboarding
  • Flex-Lock compatible for Splitboarding

Open Chasis

  • Open chassis allows board to twist naturally under binding

Nomad X-Type Heelcup

  • 2x stronger than standard Aluminum
  • CNC core outs maximize strength-to-weight ratio
  • High sidewall supports boot for better power transfer and grip while side hilling
  • Flared sidewall cups boot for better fit

Air-pod Straps

  • Independent Pressure Pods articulate to boot eliminating pressure points and pinch points.
  • Made from P-Lite TPE, 30% lighter than standard TPU

Ride Mode 2.0 Technology

Active Joining

  • Pre-loaded binding to board connections give instant response.
  • Active joining allows for a loose fit then closing the lever locks your binding to board, removing all play from the system.
  • No Slop

Interlocking Seam Tabs

  • Seam tabs interlock across the seam of your splitboard interlocking and pre-loading the seam.

Snow Ejection Channels

  • Made from a carbon infused nylon, the Ride Mode 2.0 is designed to reduce snow build up and clear snow easily.

Tour Mode Technology

Tour Mode

  • Independent sleeves rotate freely on a fixed through axle (similar to a bike axle) for the stiffest and smoothest touring pivot
  • Wide support cradle increases tour mode rigidity
  • Offset cradle allows snow to clear during entry
  • Quick release touring bracket allows for quickest and simplest transition

Dual Speed Risers

  • Flip up with pole basket; simple and easy
  • Dual height climbing risers

Heel Lock

  • On-the-fly heel lock down
  • Release load equivalent to DIN 6
  • Heel-Lock folds out of way when not needed


Medium - 8 - 11