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Jones Snowboards


JONES Mercury Snowboard Bindings Surf Series 2021


The all-mountain, free surf binding

Ideal for freestyle, freeride and surf slashing

The Mercury will respond instantly to your every move thanks to NOW Skate Tech technology that transfers your energy directly to your edges. The Mercury’s new Control Flex highback offers solid support while absorbing chatter and eliminating calf-bite. The Mercury can be set up in Surf mode or Freeride mode by switching bushing and swapping the Flip-It ankle straps. Surf mode offers maximum tweak-ability, Freeride mode offers maximum response. New for 2021, the Mercury has a new Control Flex highback plus low profile Auxtech toe straps and ergonomic buckles.


Flex Rating:5-8 Depending on Strap and Bushing set up

Skate Tech - the NOW Skate Tech system works like a skateboard truck and enhances board control + reduces foot fatigue by transferring energy input directly from the binding to the board edges through a dynamic design.


Hanger 2.0 - Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass - Hanger pivots on the Kingpin like a lever allowing lightning fast edge-to-edge energy transfer. True baseless design that delivers the most even board flex of any binding on the market.

NOW Highcup compatible - NOW Highcups are super short highbacks that offer an extremely tweakable binding feel. Sold separately by NOW Snowboarding

Nylon, recycled carbon post - The Post attaches the hanger to the kingpin and is the connection between binding and board. Made from nylon and recycled carbon, the post is super light and durable.

Flushcup technology - Free your feet and and feel true surf vibes by riding without a highback on the super deep powder days.

Features Freeride/Surf mode bushings - Bushings are the primary binding contact point and offer customizable response and dampening. Surf mode: soft bushing - white. Freeride mode: hard bushing - black.

4X4 and EST disc included/50% GF Nylon - All Jones bindings include nylon mounting discs compatible with traditional 4x4 inserts and the EST channel mounting system.

Comfort Foam foot pillow - Full length EVA foam footbed that maximizes binding comfort while minimizing foot fatigue. The 3D molded footbed surface offers supreme traction for any boot tread pattern and prevents snow build-up.


3D Flex Fit toe straps - New low profile and grippy 3D Flex Fit toe straps that dynamically stretch to fit any shape boot. The spider web inspired design is comfortable, durable and responsive.

Tool-less strap adjustment - Change strap length on the fly with just a flick and twist of your wrist.

Asym buckles - All-new bombproof buckles made from aircraft-grade alloy featuring ultra-strong levers and springs. Triple action ratchet design increases speed of entry and release.

Mid-wide ankle strap - The Flip-It Mid-wide strap has a moderate size profile for balanced response and tweak-ability. It’s built around a 3D-injected core for solid support and a foam wrap for even pressure distribution and lateral flexibility.

Freeride mode / Surf mode ankle strap - Jones bindings offer customizable dampening and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode. Surf Mode lets you tweak harder, while Freeride Mode keeps you locked in for maximum response.


Control Flex highback New

Designed for balanced response and flex. Mid-wide profile and mid-stiff flex let you lock in turns or tweak airs.

  • Asym highback with wider lateral side for added toe side turn support
  • Stiff middle spine for solid carving performance
  • Flexible side edges for added freestyle performance
  • Tool-less forward lean adjustment

Mens Boot Size

  • Medium 7 - 10.5
  • Large 10 - 13.5