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ENDEAVOR Ranger Snowboard 2019

The Ranger enters the Endeavor line up for the first time this season and has already cemented itself as a team favourite. The perfect combination of flex, profile and shape work together to provide balance, precision and just the right amount of forgiveness, making it the ideal board for riders wanting to take on the whole mountain and rule the park.

Multi-Camber profile mixes camber between the feet with an early rise tip and tail for performance that’s catch free. Pop and power underfoot combines with a catch free nose and tail that will boost off anything and land with confidence.

The Ranger utilises a slightly wider nose and tail shape that makes holding presses incredibly easy. Along with a flex profile that is stiffest at the waist and mellowed out along the boards length means you get a playful, fun ride that’s powerful and poppy when you need it most.

New for 1819 is the redesigned Smoothride Sidewall. This builds upon the original award winning technology and helps reduce our overall impact on the environment. A more efficient manufacturing process cuts waste without sacrificing the impact and vibration absorbing properties, helping to provide the smoothest ride possible. Fibreglass layups are also enhanced through the use of tri-axial glass that includes a pre-cured layer above the core for more response and torsional rigidity without adding weight. And of course it’s all finished off with the Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment.


  • Medium


  • Multi Camber - Combines traditional camber with an early rise tip and tail profile. This increases versatility across all terrain and reduces the chance of catching an edge. This versatiliyu makes this profile ideal for All Terrain Freestyle boards.


  • Twin - Identical end to end. Cut them in half at the waist and you won't be able to tell the difference. With perfect symmetry and balance these boards are incedibly versatile and allow you to take on all terrain from groomers to powder and park. 


  • Poplar/Birch Channel Reinforcement Core - Poplar is a lightweight wood with great strength and predictable flex. Poplar gives a great balance of lightness, strength, consistent flex and pop meaning you always know what your board is going to do next.
  • Dura Surf 4001 Sintered Base - Durability and speed in a highly absorbent package means these bases will never slow you down. Lots of tiny pores open up and absorb wax every time you service to give you a superior slide. Dura surf is the hardest snowboard base in the industry, known for its reliability, strength and speed
  • Tri-Axial Fibreglass - 3 layers of fibreglass in different directions provide a stiffer, more responsive felx and greater torsional rigidity to give the board precision and power ina super stable and versatile package. 


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