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BONES ATF Rough Riders Wheels


  • New H5 Hub
  • Chemically bonded for an extremely strong hold
  • Smaller hub radius for smoother ride
  • Wider core to support complete wheel
  • Maximizes roll for more speed over rougher surfaces


All-Terrain Formula™ (ATF) wheels are poured in a special soft urethane we call All-Terrain Formula or (ATF). ATF wheels are excellent for rougher terrain so regardless of road quality, this revolutionary formula will roll you there quickly and smoothly.

These wheels roll over everything...they're perfect for your skate that you use to get you to the park so you don't look like a kook on a cruiser.  56mm so you won't get wheel bite.  If you don't already own a pair of these amazing wheels you're snoozin' bro.


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