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BATALEON CT Snowboard 2020

The CT carves up groomers just as well as it floats through pow. It’s the ultimate proof that our patented 3D base profiles make for more versatile snowboards.

Personality: 4/10

Outline: Directional Tapered

Bend: Mellow Camber

Shape: Freeride 3BT + Sidekick - FREERIDE 3BT™ with SideKick has a narrow centerbase with more sidebase uplift area and angle in the nose than in the tail. The tapered shape, sidecut and setback stance are optimized for backseat steering, high-speed traction and maximum powder float while the narrow centerbase generates swift edge-to-edge transfer and powerful carves.

Core: Light Core - Our 50-50 Swiss paulownia and poplar woods blend for optimal strength to weight properties.

Fiberglass: Triax - Our three-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern.

Base: Hyper Glide S - Our standard sintered base that’s tough and fast, and faster when waxed.


Carbon Stringers - Carbon is feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response and smooth dampening to a board. It is used in different ways to fine- tune a board’s ride characteristics.

D.R.S. - Our Central Super Tube woodcore upgrade has one centrally placed hollow carbon rod milled into the bottom of the core to enhance pop without stiffening the board torsionally.

Backseat Inserts - Extra insert on the back foot to slam it back for the real deep days

Flip Flop Bases - Saving the Earth for more pow days