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ARBOR Swoon Camber Splitboard Women's 2022


The Swoon Splitboard is the essential tool for a comfortable ascent and a powerful downhill ride while touring outside the resort. Built on the System Camber platform, the Swoon Splitboard has reactive grip and stability while climbing. Or for a stable climb that offers a more surfy, cleaner tracking descent the Swoon Splitboard is also offered in our System Rocker platform. Enjoy a seamless, snappy, unified descent with everything you have come to expect from this performance mountain twin.

Terrain Guide POWDER: 10 BIG MOUNTAIN: 8 RESORT: 2

Flex Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5/10

Shape: Big Mountain Twin, Quiver killing, high performance designs for backcountry freestyle & all-mountain mastery.

Bend: System Camber is a highly responsive ride, crisp on-edge performance, and more pop for carving and ollies. Effortless true-camber performance across all types of snow, and during turns, spin, and landings

Core: Highland Split Core is a highly versatile Highland Core, with additional insert and centerline components for a premium factory splitboard.

Fibreglass: Mixed Glassing, A triax over biax lay–up that’s best for versatility: pow, backcountry, groomers, jumps, and more.

Base: Sintered Base a higher molecular weight, sintered base that provides added durability and speed.


  • Carbonized Bamboo Powerply
  • R.A.P Topless Technology
  • Recycled Steel Edge
  • Bio-Resin
  • 360 Fully Wrapped Sidewalls
  • Universal Splitboard Insert Packs
  • Wend Natural Wax
  • Factory Tuned