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ANON M2 Black - Sonar Green + Sonar Infrared Snow Goggle

Featuring Magna-Tech™ Quick Lens Change Technology, the M2 has 16 Magnets at 8 connection points to hold the lens securely in place making the M2 the goggle of choice for those who want a super quick and easy way to swap out lenses when the light on the mountain changes.


The one question that people always ask us is "will the lens come off when I have a big crash? ....basically no, it won't. Each magnet pairing has a pull force of 2.75lbs giving a total connection of 22lbs, which in simple terms is a super strong bond. Because the magnets are that strong, when you replace the lens, the magnets self-centre the lens into the correct position making lens changing easier than ever before. As with all Anon goggles the lens quality is great and they don't tend to steam up under normal wearing conditions. The 2020 Anon M2 comes with two lenses one for bright sunny days and a secondary lens which is ideal for use in cloudier conditions.

  • Medium/Large Framed Goggle (Frame Height 96mm)
  • Suitable for both Snowboarding and Skiing 
  • Magna-Tech™ Quick Lens Change Technology
  • Magnetic Facemask Integration MFI® (sold separately)
  • Anon Spherical Lens Technology
  • Lens by ZEISS (Second Lens Included in Box for Flat Light)
  • Wall-to-Wall Vision
  • Over The Glass (OTG) Compatible
  • Full Perimeter Channel Venting
  • ICT (Integral Clarity Technology)
  • Flush Mount Outrigger
  • Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece with Triple Layer Foam
  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame
  • No Slip Silicone Strap
  • Micro Fiber Goggle Bag Included
  • Anti Fog Treatment 
  • Primary Lens - SONAR Green (23% VLT)
  • Secondary Lens - SONAR Infrared (57% VLT)