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187 Derby Wrist Guards

187 Derby Wrist Guards are designed with skating in mind. It's exceptional features have been developed to keep the athletes well protected and less restricted. 

Fit & Wear
Quick slide-on makes for easy fit. 
Unrestricted finger motion allows normal hand action. 
Expanded protective area disperses energy of hard impacts. 
Breathable materials throughout. 

Comfort & Durability
Cupped and contoured protective plate covers wider area of palm and wrist.
Reinforced thumb hole and palm increase longevity.
Heavy-duty, nonelastic, straps improve support and durability
Soft-side fastening zones on back make for better fit and less scratching.
Padded interior and foam lining under palm splint to absorb impact. 

The wrist guard should fit comfortably, yet snugly, after attaching both straps. They should not painfully pinch, but they shouldn't shift. Pads must fit correctly to work properly.
1. Refer to tags to identify right and left guard.
2. Slip thumb through center hold. Plastic splint should be on palm side.
3. Secure straps by pulling and adjusting them into place with a moderate to firm tension. 

This model runs slightly bigger than the other 187 Wrist Guards.

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