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October 03, 2023 3 min read

After having a chance to get Burton Step On on our own feet for a test drive back in 2020, we're still excited to get behind the Step On lineup for this 2023/2024 snow season.


Here's a rundown of our own experience Stepping On, what to expect from Burton this upcoming season, and how to land yourself a pair of Step Ons before they sell out again.


Several of us at the shop have had the chance to test the boot/binding combo on snow, and our honest reaction involved a bit of brain-melting delight. Picture a mediocre day at a very family packed ski resort. Big White. You're maneuvering your way through the crowd, find a spot to drop your board, click, click and you're off. No sitting down. No waiting to use a bench. No bending over your beer belly after a poutine from Snowshoe Sam's. Wind and snow isn't tickling your back hair. It's a feeling of pure "freedom". Until you look down. You have a sudden "OH SHIT" moment as the feeling of being free from any straps sets in.

"It's like when you go skinny dipping for the first time and you look down. It looks wrong but feels so right."
- Marty


Unlike the original step in style bindings, the connection point is raised above the snow. Clearing snow away from the base plate is no different than a standard 2 strap binding. Your edge to edge control comes from the 3 main connection points; 2 at the toe, and 1 at the heel so your reaction time is quicker. It takes 3 or 5 turns to start to feel comfortable, but once you micro adjust, everything comes together. The added boa strap on the Photon and Ion boots, has a placebo-like effect on your mind while you're riding. It adds stiffness to the front of the boot where your strap normally would be. So yes, the boot is inherently stiffer, but for good reason. Don't worry, with a few boot options, you will still have the freedom to customize for your needs.

burton step on bindings

3+ years of prototypes. Thousands of ideas. Only one final product. 

Award winning tech and function of the future, Burton is re-opening a door for the snowboarding industry. A door that not everyone might want to step through, but that's cool too. Something we could all agree on, although we all loved them, they won't be for everyone. There will still be that guy that will never be on board, but for those who do, they will want nothing else. It's like dropping a performance motor into a classic car. The nostalgia is there, the performance is there, but theres still those guys that want the stock Toyota. 

burton step on bindings- snowboarder
The 90s are so hot right now, it's cool to see a fad return that isn't just about trend, but rather function. 




With the 2023/2024 season approaching, we will be stocking limited quantities of men's and women's boot and binding options.. If you were unsuccessful at nabbing a pair last year, this will be your year! You're going to have to act on it though. Don't hesitate to contact the shop to check your availability in sizes.


Men's Burton Photon Boot and Step On Binding 2024 - Now Available

Women's Burton Limelight Boot and Step On Escapade Binding 2024 - Now Available 



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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit us up on the chat or call the shop 1-855-491-7433. We're always happy to talk snow!

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