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2020 Arbor Snowboards

August 29, 2019

2020 Arbor Snowboards

Arbor has always been a sought after board company for their dedication to sustainable practices & their mindfully crafted boards. Here's a few of our favourites worth checking out for the upcoming 2020 snow season. (Now available for pre-order)

Men's Arbor Snowboards

Men's Arbor Snowboards


arbor snowboard test rider

"Late last season I was fortunate enough to get a day demoing some boards out of the new 2019/20 Arbor lineup.  If I had to sum-up the Arbor boards I rode in one word, it would be Versatile. Their more all mountain and directional boards like the "Guch" and the Annex railed hard and held an edge well but were still really fun and playful when I was just goofing around. 

Maybe it was the way they do their camber, maybe it was the grip-tech and uprise fenders... maybe it was the fireball on the way up the chairlift, but I felt like I could ride anything and everything on all of the Arbor boards I tested."




 Women's Arbor Snowboards

womens arbor snowboards



Arbor Splitboards

arbor split snowboard



arbor snowboard banner



If you have any questions or want to chat more about Arbor snowboards don't hesitate to hit us up on our website chat or toll free at 1-855-491-7433.


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